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Master Class on "Love after 1950"

This master class with Libby Larsen and Susanne Mentzer focuses on the composer's work Love after 1950. Written for mezzo-soprano Susan Mentzer and premiered in Chicago in 2000, this cycle draws from texts by "voraciously contemporary" women poets. In the words of the composer, "We wanted songs that are little real life-dramas which is exactly what the songs in Love After 1950 are...We also chose a deliberate progression in the poetry, from the adolescent mystery of a first kiss through an affair, break-up and reconciliation of sorts. This work, virtuosic in its performance and understanding of life, is no Frauen Liebe und Leben, rather Love After 1950 is the new-woman’s Frau, Love ‘em and Leave ‘em." Ms. Larsen and Ms. Mentzer coach Katherine Skovira and pianist Anna de Groot on "Empty Song." MovementsI. Boy's Lips II. Blond Men III. Big Sister Says, 1967 IV. The Empty Song V. I Make My Magic

Later Event: June 12
Concert of Cage and Kagel